Recorded in an old sample processing laboratory that Lerch Brothers built around 1917.

“It served many the local natural ore mines like the Leonidas, Fault, Hull- Nelson, Alice, Spruce, Adams, Dorr, and Cloquet Annex. Lerch Brothers had these facilities all along the Iron Range, and in Superior, Wis. so they were close to the products they were handling, just like the resident locations were built close to the mines since transportation was always a problem.  This facility operated until around 1961-62. By then the natural ore was running out and several of the lab buildings along the range were abandoned and the operations moved to the Hibbing facility as that was the Northern Headquarters for the company. Rhude and Fryberger evidently purchased the property around 1966 for the same use. They have a long history of cleaning up the natural ore deposits of old mines, with rather good profitability, some of their more productive operations have carried on for over 25 years at individual locations.”

Emailed to me by my Uncle Bill in September 2018.